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About Us


Urban Philanthropies

Over the years, we hosted, convened, and advocated for activities that promote smart growth and civic entrepreneurship. Along the way, we were drawn to projects that promoted an understanding of the environmentally sound built environment as well as regional cooperation. We brought academic, technical and financial resources to Overtown’s organizations and residents. We partnered with as many as shared our interest as we maintained a desire to collaborate with those who sought solutions to the neighborhood’s most pressing problems.

As we look ahead, we have an eye on innovation and entrepreneurship. We are leaning heavily on promoting both. We won’t ignore our academic, philanthropic or geographic roots and will continue to look for those activities that are impactful locally and those which can contribute to the academy of community development.

Who We Are

We were formerly the South Florida Smart Growth Land Trust. Incorporated in March of 2002, we were hosted by the Collins Center for Public Policy under the leadership of Rod Petrey.

  • We respect our community and stakeholders
  • We are committed to our mission and residents
  • We conduct our affairs and initiatives with integrity
  • We seek collaboration and partnership in our service
  • We aspire to get results for our residents

What We Do

The mission of Urban Philanthropies is to transform distressed urban communities through economic and community development activities for the enhanced quality of life for residents of Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

We are driven by the spirit of collaboration and work in partnership with local communities to create a more informed public and keep the focus on growth and success.