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Overtown Business Boot Camp

Presented by: Urban Philanthropies in partnership with Partners for Self Employment

Financial Literacy Training and Business Plan Competition

Urban Philanthropies has teamed up with the Partners for Self Employment to provide Entrepreneurial and Financial Literacy Training, combined with peer-evaluated business loans of up to $5,000, to be granted to selected future business owners to assist in a successful Overtown startup.

Peer group members, who all serve as officers in the group, will make lending decisions collectively. This collaborative method of inclusion empowers participants who might have previously felt marginalized or lacked the confidence to take on a leadership role. Peer-to-peer support and networking ·opportunities will also be provided. The Peer Lending Program requires no credit or collateral and is available to qualified residents of Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties.

Two Boot Camp Meet and Greet Networkers will be held to present initiative details and accept applications from South Florida aspiring business owners who are willing to commit to the 12-week curriculum.

Some of the Curriculum Courses include developing a business strategy, basic cash flow, marketing and customer research, and the development of a marketing strategy.

After classroom completion, participants will present business plans and compete for $20,000 to start their business in the Overtown community, with guidance from Urban Philanthropies.

“Our work, our hope, and our dream for Overtown are embedded in your success! Now is your time to get going.- To move; your family, and your dream ahead. This boot camp will equip you with the knowledge you need and some capital to get you going.

We’re on your side! Be strong and we both will succeed.”

– Phillip Bacon, Former President, Urban Philanthropies.

Networking sessions will be held Thursday, September 17th, and Thursday, September 24th, from 6 pm to 8 pm at Jackson’s Soul Food, 950 NW 3rd Ave Miami, Fl 33136.

Initially, with the benefit of foundation and corporate support, DPI intends to continue to lead the redevelopment effort with the hire of personnel, consultants, and other professionals; all brought together to facilitate a program that supports comprehensive complimentary, and non-competitive implementation of District revitalization.

About Urban Philanthropies
Urban Philanthropies

Neighborhood business leaders and stakeholders are now partnered as community developers to transform one of Miami’s oldest neighborhoods; reviving the history and spirit of one of Miami’s first Entertainment Districts.