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Pitch Night

Urban Philanthropies is hosting its Pitch Night at Venture Cafe Miami Thursday Night Gatherings to help businesses in Miami’s Overtown community thrive. Join in on the festivities and support your local entrepreneurs competing for grant money in front of a panel of esteemed Judges. The capstone event for the Overtown Business Bootcamp is featured above. The event is being hosted by the Venture Cafe as part of the Cambridge Innovative Center’s (CIC) “community of entrepreneurs” program in Miami. Urban Philanthropies has partnered with CIC’s nonprofit subsidiary (Venture cafe) to spotlight and present would-be entrepreneurs specifically focused on Overtown. The venture cafe Miami’s mission is aligned with Urban Philanthropies to enhance and grow Miami’s innovation community by working to make it more diverse, inclusive, accessible and better connected, locally, nationally, and internationally. We believe this partnership will help bring innovative businesses to Overtown to help job creation and create economic activity and promote quality of life for residents

About Urban Philanthropies
Urban Philanthropies

Neighborhood business leaders and stakeholders are now partnered as community developers to transform one of Miami’s oldest neighborhoods; reviving the history and spirit of one of Miami’s first Entertainment Districts.