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The following is a partial list of community partnerships of Urban Philanthropies. We believe collaborations and financial leverage will be the key to our success:

  • Margination, Inc
  • Beacon Council
  • OYC
  • Urgent Inc.
  • Elijah Wells Films
  • B. Wright Academy
  • Richard Hallman Foundation
  • Partners for Self-Employment
  • Cambridge Innovation Center
  • Venture Cafe
  • Miami CRA
  • Urban League of Greater Miami
  • 79th St. Corridor Initiative
  • NRCC
  • University of Miami Office of Com Engagement
  • Girl Power
  • Black Tech Week
  • Center for Social Change-Miami
  • Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce
  • Henderson Financial Partners
  • Real Estate Resource Group-Miami
  • Turner McGowen Financial Planners and Accountants
  • Digit All Systems, Inc.
  • Opportunity Finance Network
  • Reva Development Corp
  • Carras Community Development
  • Community Real Estate Development
  • City of Fort Lauderdale
About Urban Philanthropies
Urban Philanthropies

Neighborhood business leaders and stakeholders are now partnered as community developers to transform one of Miami’s oldest neighborhoods; reviving the history and spirit of one of Miami’s first Entertainment Districts.